Thousands sign online petition to recall Brownback

IOLA (KSNT) – Two months into his second term, many Kansans are voicing increasing frustration with Governor Sam Brownback. One Iola man decided to start an online petition calling for the Governor to be recalled.

“You know at some point, I just felt like, I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to say something. I cannot sit silently anymore,” says the petition started Tony Piazza.

So, he started a petition to recall the Governor.

“As a citizen of the state, I felt like this was an available platform to me,” says Piazza.

And unexpectedly to him, thousands of people have signed the petition in only a few days. Many state their frustration with the budget shortfall, school finance, and LGBT protection.

They’re circumstances that show a drastically different outlook than one of Brownback’s re-election ads.

“The quote was ‘the sun is shining in Kansas.’ And that became a catch-phrase for his campaign. So really a campaign of optimism,” says KSNT political analyst Dr. Bob Beatty.

So how has the political climate changed so much in only a few months? Beatty suggests it’s because even though Kansas is predominately conservative, the majority are moderate conservatives. A moderate is something Brownback is not.

“Governor Brownback is the most conservative governor in modern Kansas history,” says Beatty.
And he has a predominately conservative legislature to back him up.

Even though the petition has more than 34,000 signatures, it’s highly unlikely that a recall vote would ever take place in the state of Kansas. Unlikely, because the petition would need about ten times as many signatures as it does now to be considered valid. Piazza says he’s just trying to give citizens a voice.

“Hopefully we can help shape the conversation in the state,” says Piazza.

Online recall petitions are not valid in this state and no governor has been recalled in Kansas. Only two governors have ever been successfully recalled in the United States.

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