SilverSparkle: Empowering through prom dresses

TOPEKA (KSNT) – “There’s a lot of money associated with going to prom,” says Silverbackks volunteer Jamie Hornbaker.

‘A lot of money’ is an understatement, when national polls show that families spend an average of a thousand dollars for the costs of one prom night. Which is why SilverSparkle, a Silverbackks program, stepped in.

“Whether she’s going alone, going with a friend, or going with a date, doesn’t matter. But if she wants to go to prom, she should be able to participate in that tradition, and the money shouldnt be the issue,” says SilverSparkle director, Jesyca Hope Rodenberg.

They started a dress drive. After just a few days, they’ve already collected more than 100 dresses. However, they’d still like even more dresses.

“You don’t just try one one dress. You try on four, five, six, before you find the one. And so the more dresses we can get, the more girls we can impact. And just make sure their night, and their week, and their month, and their year, and every opportunity better for them.

They’re asking the whole community to bring in dresses, which will serve as empowerment tools.

“No financial obstacle should keep a young woman from getting to go to prom with her friends. And so if we can give her that night to say ‘this is possible’, what else can we teach her is possible? College, success, the job of her dreams, the career of her dreams,” says Rodenberg.

Two drop-off locations are available in Topeka : 712 Innovations (712 S Kansas Ave) and Jamie Hornbaker State Farm Office (1615 SW 37th St.)

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