K-State police announce action for student who bumped KU’s Jamari Traylor

MANHATTAN (KSNT) -The Kansas State University Police Department announced on Wednesday what action will be taken against a K-State student who ran out on the court and made contact with a KU player following Monday’s basketball game in Bramlage Coliseum

On Tuesday student Nathan Power voluntarily met with K-State police and was issued a notice to appear for disorderly conduct. Police say Power was cooperative throughout the process, and the K-State Police Department considers this matter closed.

Nearly 13,000 fans rushed the court after the unranked K-State Men’s Basketball team defeated number eight ranked KU. They bumped and jostled referees, players, and coaches of both teams. The crowd was so large that Kansas State players had to stand on the media table to not get trapped within the crowd.

The University’s Athletic Department apologized to the KU coaches and players for what happened and began trying to figure out what went wrong.

Power issued an apology as a “Letter to the Editor” in the student newspaper – “The Collegian”.

“Letter To The Editor

K-State friends, I was the individual identified as the fan who bumped Jamari Traylor during the court storm following K-State’s victory over KU. I want to take this moment to share a sincere apology in breaking from the Wildcat way and stepping outside what is acceptable in the spirit of the game. Following the basketball game I simply let my emotions get the best of me in all of the chaos. In my excitement I was not careful of the people I was around. I am sorry that I made the KU basketball team—Jamari Traylor in particular—feel disrespected. By no means can I change what took place but in the future I will be aware of how emotions can impact good judgment.

Nathan Power”

Because it’s the second year in a row this has happened when the Wildcats played the Jayhawks at home the school is now looking at its entire security plan.

In his own letter to the newspaper, Kansas State President Kirk Schulz urged Wildcats fans to be vigilant about how their conduct reflects on the university.

“Good reputations are hard won and easily lost,” according to that letter, which the university on Wednesday confirmed to be authored by Schulz. “We believe the Wildcat Way is to create a family friendly atmosphere at all of our athletic events. Let’s put on the purple and represent our university with pride in all of our upcoming athletic events.”

The Big 12 has said it was reviewing the postgame celebration, and “in accordance with conference policy, home team game management is responsible for the implementation of protocols to provide for the safety of all game participants, officials and fans.”


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