Topeka Zoo’s Peek the Bear dies from complications during surgery

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Zoo announced Wednesday aftertoon the passing of Peek, one of the zoos American Black Bears.

Peek was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in January. The Zoo says her condition continued to get progressively worse as she recently lost the use of her hind legs. A number of efforts were made to address her medical condition including ground-breaking Stem Cell Therapy, a treatment that no other bear has received. While some improvement was observed, it was not enough to provide significant improvement. After much research, it was determined that Peeks only remaining option was surgery.

On Wednesday Peek was transported to K-State’s Veterinary Health Center where she underwent Spinal surgery and unfortunately did not survive.

Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said Peek was loved by their staff and many of the people that came to visit her.

“During her illness we had an outpouring of support from the local and international veterinary community. We are extremely proud of the compassion and care that our staff offered Peek during this time. We will all greatly miss her.”

Peek, and her sister Sneak, arrived at the Topeka Zoo in 1996 from Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria. They were only one year of age and the first American Black Bears to reside in the Hills Black Bear Woods. Since their arrival, Peek has been the dominant of the two bears. Weighing in at 350 pounds. The Zoo says Peek loved her treats and would often be found foraging for goodies in her yard.

The Topeka Zoo says they wish to thank all who were involved in Peeks treatment.

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