RoadRunners decline option to remain at Expocentre

The Topeka RoadRunners are undergoing negotiations on a long-term lease agreement with the Kansas Expocentre.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka RoadRunners are in negotiations with the Kansas Expocentre in hopes of reaching an agreement to remain in the capital city. The franchise declined its two-year extension option with the Expocentre.

“The attendance has been in a steady decline,” Kansas Expocentre general manager H.R. Cook said. “We’ve seen that for several years now.”

The RoadRunners declined to comment about the situation.

“Since we are at the end of the term, and they’ve given us their notice, it’s time to explore all of our options that we may have,” Cook said. “We’re looking to see what is viable in the community, and if hockey a viable sport for the community.”

The team has four home games remaining this season, starting tonight against the Wichita Falls Wildcats, and the current lease with the Expocentre expires on April 30.

“Should we be looking at something else or do we have other events that might like to come in,” Cook said. “All options are on the table.”

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