White and gold, or black and blue?

Topeka (KSNT) – It’s become a huge international debate, that has nothing to do with politics. Is it blue and black…or white and gold?

One simple dress that’s gone viral. Kim Kardashian is team white and gold and Kanye is team blue and black.

As for the cause of the color debate, there are a few factor, the first is the screen you’re using.

“With a cell phone, usually it’s more of white and gold appearance but on computers it’s should be more of a black and blue appearance,” says optometrist, Dr. Lance Eisenbarth.

Computers and tablets often have a more polarized screen than cell phones, so often, the colors and lighting will be different, another factor? You!

“It’s all based on perception, so it just depends on how many cells of whatever color is more in each eye,” says Dr. Eisenbarth.

In this case, the people that see black and blue in this dress have more blue cells in their eye.

“People that have more blue cells tend to see a little bit better,” says Dr. Eisenbarth.

Which means, “In theory, a person who sees white and gold may not see as well as someone that sees black and gold,” says Dr. Eisenbarth.

Which in this debate may be true, since the retailer of the dress confirmed it is in fact black and blue.





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