How NE Kansans spent their snow day

SILVER LAKE (KSNT) – Shovels were out, parking lots were filled and drive-thru lines were long, proving that even a steady stream of snow did little to dampen people’s weekends.

“This is my favorite weather!” says Herbert Carder.

He can say that because, having lived through 64 Kansas winters, he dresses accordingly.

“I’ve got insulated gloves on, insulated boots, I’ve got all these insulated clothes on, and I might as well be out here because I love it,” says Carder.

A much different attire than Michael Jones, who was wearing shorts!

“I lived in California for three years, so it’s kind of nice, refreshing,” says Jones.

But his appreciation for snow, isn’t shared by all who were out in the elements.

“I don’t like it. I never have liked snow,” says Bonnie Dane.

But, with more snow in the forecast, some people took it as an opportunity to stock up on supplies.

“We’ve got bacon on sale, so breakfast. That’s what I’m shopping for and hot chocolate, got to have that,” says Donice Wade.

The most popular grocery items?

“Water, canned food, milk and eggs,” says grocer, Caitlyn Zeilinger.

But on her snow day shopping list, “I’d probably stock up with chips and pickles,” says Zeilinger.

Even though people were making the most of their snow day, many agreed, they would be okay with some warmer weather.

I’m ready for spring. I’ve had enough of this snow,” says Mike Mitchel.

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