Manhattan community voices vision for the next 20 years

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – as you’re driving around town this week and think of improvements you would like to see happen, the 2035 “Manhattan area comprehensive plan” is near completion but for the next month there are multiple meetings that are available to the public.

]after 15-months of community workshops and committee meetings – the 2035 comprehensive plan is almost complete. It’s incorporates improvements that city officials and the community want to see. The plan was last updated in 2003 and now the city of Manhattan is teaming up with both Riley and Pottawatomie County for the new direction.

“This is a policy document, were documenting a policy guide that helps decision makers make decisions,” Eric Cattell, city project director.

The plan includes redeveloping Aggieville and downtown Manhattan. Affordable living along N. Manhattan Street and areas west of campus, along with more private sector jobs. The arrival of NBAF will bring in almost 400 jobs plus, additional positions related to K-State research.

“Whether there corporations that want a satellite office in Manhattan or even on campus or close to campus and do that kind of spin off research related to K-State,” says Cattell.

But more jobs means more people and more housing developments. As Manhattan works on stabilizing existing housing – the plan is to work with Pottawatomie County by focus on one specific area.

“The Blue Township area is likely to see a lot of housing growth in the future because it has kind of rolling country side that’s up out of the flood plain,” says Cattell .

Officials say once riley and Pottawatomie County accept the plan in late march and the city of Manhattan does early April, the next phase is the implementation of the plan.

To find out more about the “Manhattan Area Comprehensive Plan” for 2035 CLICK HERE.

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