Manhattan schools participate in statewide tornado drill

For more information on severe weather CLICK HERE.

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – In Manhattan the emphasis was in school safety and the students. At the sound of a bell 1,400 students file into the halls of Manhattan High School.

All are going to designated safe rooms, this is just one of three drills that every Manhattan district school must do throughout the year.

Teachers, wearing vibrant green vests and carrying safety buckets filled with supplies have specific corridors to direct and help students.

“Does everybody know where they’re going, making sure that the rooms that kids and adults are going to are free from obstacles, you know we can get into the rooms there not locked for some odd reason,” says Michelle Jones, Director of Communications for Manhattan USD 383.

Once the drill is complete, administration will reconvene to look at the adjustments that need to be made for the future. The need for the drills at school is clear. The district’s- lee elementary was hit by a tornado in 2008, fortunately school was out for the summer at the time

“It behooves us to look back at those records and say hey I think we’re doing things right by having them go through regular tornado drills,” says Pat Collins the Director of Riley County Emergency Management.

Collins, and other emergency managers around the state say the entire community should double check emergency supplies – check your insurance coverage – and know what to get severe weather alerts, “whether its telephone, text, cells phone, email,” says Collins.

And drills like these are a good way to get mom and dad to think about the family’s severe weather plan.


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