Topeka voters select city council finalists

TOPEKA (KSNT) – In a lightly attended primary election, Topeka voters selected two finalists for the April General Election for three city council districts.

Of 25,420 registered voters a paltry 2,638 actually cast a ballot Tuesday. That’s less than 10.4% even less than the 11% predicted by Shawnee County Elections Commissioner Andrew Howell.

All evenly numbered districts were up for re-election this year. In District 2 TJ Brown had just one opponent so  a primary runoff was not necessary, while in incumbents Denise Everhart in District 4 and Chad Manspeaker in District 6 opted not to seek another term.

Here were the voting results in Tuesday’s primary election:

District 2 (No primary election results):

TJ Brown (Inc.)

Sandra Clear


District 4:

Zach Haney                                    15.86%

Les Parrish                                      29.06%

Christina Rondash                          18.04%

Jonathan R. Schumm                      37.05%


District 6

Brendan R. Jensen                          36.60%

Chuck Leivan                                   17.22%

Jim Lord                                            41.01%

Donald D. Stone III                             5.17%


District 8

Jeffrey J. Coen                                  65.57%

David J. Mountain                               3,86%

Nathan Schmidt (Inc.)                         30.57%

The top two vote getters in the contested races advance to the General Election on April 7th.

To see ALL the Shawnee County primary election results, including local school boards and commissions click here.

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