Fire danger: Keeping grass fires under control

According to a press release from the Topeka Fire Department, crews initially found about five acres of grass on fire. The fire quickly spread and burned around 20 acres of grass before being extinguished.

TOPEKA (KSNT)- Nearly every hour area firefighters are called on an out of control grass burn.

Fires that can turn fields that were once green, black in just a matter of minutes, “Just sometimes it gets out of control,” said Bryan Warman, Auburn Fire Department said. “It jumps the road, it gets in to another pasture and just kind of keeps going.”

A recent grass fire in the 6900 block of Wanamaker got so out of control that two barns were at risk of burning down, “When one fire is going on, it seems like the whole county is on fire,”Warman said.

And in some cases can’t even be avoided no matter what precautions are taken.

“The grass is dry, and we live in Kansas where it’s really windy,” Warman said.

During the burning season Warman says there are two types of people.

“You have your farmers, and you have your residential folks.”

Skyler Wilson of Topeka, prefers to use the burning season as a spring cleaning time, and burn old junk, but he still plays it safe.

“We fill up our five gallon buckets full of water, and we have a sprayer that we fill up, walk around the fire and maintain the flames that are getting out of control,” Wilson said.

But for those burning massing grass fires Warman recommends a burning permit.

“That way we are able to tell, if it is an out of control burn, or if it’s controlled.”

But even if you have a permit, you still can’t burn on certain days.

“If the winds are over 15 mph, it’s generally not a good idea to burn at that point,” Warman said.

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