Holton superintendent decries school budget reform on social media

HOLTON (KSNT) — One frustrated school administrator took a different approach to voicing his disapproval of the governor’s education reform plan.

Holton school superintendent, Dennis Stones says he really didn’t know what type of reaction he would get when he used Facebook to express his thoughts on Governor Sam Brownback’s school budget cuts.

“We decided to give it a try and post it on there, and let people know kind of our side of the story as a district and it had a lot of hits,” said Dennis Stones, USD 336 Superintendent.

What was posted February 9th continues to receive a lot of attention, even a month later. 875 shares, 400 likes and 49 comments. Many praising Stones commitment to parents and student.

“I am scared for my kids I am raising four kids in this state and I would like to think that they could be well educated here. I have been happy with the education in Kansas us to this point,” said Maggie Gilland, parent.

He used the post to warn of existing cuts – and future cuts – to the district’s budget

USD 336 will have to reduce the school budget by approximately $70,000 this month. He goes on by adding he fears that this won’t be the last adjustments the school district will have to make.

“We will do everything we can to keep our facilities up in good shape, but there may be some things we were planning to do that we might put off a year,” said Stones.

Stones mentions in September, prior to the election, Governor Sam Brownback told him and other educators there would be no cuts to education this year.

Now he’s using Facebook to explain how an unfulfilled promise is affecting his district.

Stones said the district is currently trying to link the Facebook posts to the district’s home page in an effort to keep other parents updated.

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