K-State students react to OU fraternity’s racist video


MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Oklahoma University is dealing with an embarrassing incident.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was cut from the university after a racist video went viral.

The video went virial as members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma were caught on camera chanting racially offensive words while stating no Afican Amercians will ever be allowed within the organization.

The university immediately cut all ties and affiliations between the school and its local Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and they are exploring the possibility of expulsion of the members of the chapter who were seen singing the racist chant.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has more than 15,000 members and 159 years on college campus’s including Kansas State University.

“I was really shocked honestly.” Said K-State Senior, Gylee Martin


“Jaw dropping, in ah, I was very shocked.” K-State Junior, Jakira Witherspoon

“It’s just embarrassing.” Said Joseph Okas of Alpha Tau Omega

These are just some of the overall reaction of the video.

“It’s kind of hurting to hear that that’s going on at universities still when we’re supposed to be the people who are exemplifying the ideals of being together, and coming together and bringing people together.” Said Phi Beta Sigma’s Mike Neal.

According to the K-State Inter Fraternity Council code of ethics, “We agree to be inclusive in our actions and seek to eliminate thoughts and behaviors not upholding this ideal.”

Something that Joseph Oaks who’s a part of Alpha Tau Omega agrees with.

“It’s unfortunate because Greek Life has kind of had a bad name as of late, with a lot of incidents and you hear about the negative things in the news but I would urge you to consider all the good things we’ve done.”

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon here at K-State says it does not support the actions of the SAE at Oklahoma but could not make any further comment.

The national SAE organization released its own statement. They apologized for the “unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video.”

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