K-State Greeks respond to racist fraternity video

TOPEKA (KSNT) — A racially offensive video from a fraternity at of the University of Oklahoma has sparked outrage nationwide.

The uproar is in response to a video showing members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the University of Oklahoma repeating a racially offensive chant.

It’s something fraternities right here in Kansas find appalling.

“It’s still offensive, very offensive to hear those things,” said Deian Brooks, President of Alpha Phi Alpha at Kansas State University.

Which makes many wonder, is this the norm for other Greek organizations across the country?

KSNT tried to speak with a few members of the chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Kansas State University, but nobody wanted to address the incident on camera.

One member did speak with a reporter off camera, and reiterated that his particular chapter has done nothing wrong.

He also said about one quarter of the chapter’s current members are minorities and as far as he’s aware, this particular chant is not part of the national organization’s culture.

Despite that, some members of other Greek organizations, like Deian Brooks, don’t consider the community as a whole as very accepting.

“I don’t see it being inclusive, obviously it’s a little easier to be white and join those organizations than to be black, but they do have African American, Hispanic members. The numbers aren’t very big at all, but they do exist,” said Brooks.

Brooks says although the actions of other Greeks can be discouraging, his organization chooses not to dwell on that and just focus on their mission moving forward.

Brooks also says he doesn’t consider disciplinary action against the fraternity in Oklahoma a victory in any way.

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