Marvel stars make good on Super Bowl bet

(KING)  It was a bet over the Super Bowl that brought two superheroes to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  The hospital released photos of the visit by Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) over the weekend, and now we are hearing from some of the kids on the receiving end of that surprise.

14-year-old Tyler Gower was a fan long before the superheroes walked into his hospital room. In fact, a superhero blanket sits on his bed. He says that’s the first thing Evans and Pratt noticed.

“Captain America was like, ‘Oh, my God. That’s me on the blanket,'” said Tyler. “And then Star-Lord said, ‘I’m not on the blanket though!'”

Gower was diagnosed with leukemia in October.

“It’s a rare form of cancer that has either a gene, a tumor, or something else,” the young boy explained. “I have the gene, which is the rarest.”
Thursday marks one of his biggest challenges yet.

“A bone marrow transplant,” said his mom, Allison Gower. “My son is more than a hero. He’s the strongest guy I know.”

The Gower family says the visit from Tyler’s favorite superheroes was perfect timing to help prepare him for Thursday’s procedure. It also served as a much-needed distraction.

“Tyler danced around for quite some time after they left,” said his mom.

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