Red Dalek and Tardis land at TOPCON

Topeka (KSNT) – For those fans of DOCTOR WHO no explanation is needed YET for soon to be Fans of the Last Time and Space Traveling Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey a picture is worth a thousand Timey Wimey Wibbley Woobly words.

Eric Collins, of Prairie Village, Kansas, who somehow captured the arch nemesis of DOCTOR WHO and now is keeping The Doctors TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSION IN SPACE Ship AKA; The T.A.R.D.I.S. safe until The Doctor reclaims it has graciously offered to bring both to TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 on September 18, 19 & 20, 2015 at the Downtown Topeka Ramada. But that is not all, Eric also has an extensive collection of authentic movie and television memorabilia which he will also be bringing to TOPCON. Items he will be displaying range from LT. Worf’s Nose (Star Trek: Next Generation) to Mank’nar Head Prosthetic (Galaxy Quest) to Alien Fetus concept model (Alien 3).

TOPCON Executive Director The GYPSY is excited about what Eric Collins contribution will mean to TOPCON. “Mr. Collins has volunteered not only the appearance of The Red Dalek and Tardis at TOPCON but also he has graciously offered to bring his prize collection of Sci-Fi artifacts. This is extremely generous of him and it will give our Fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with those things they have only seen in the movies and on television.” The GYPSY has also indicated that it will be hard for him to resist the temptation to put on Worf’s nose.

The RED DALEK and TARDIS will be appearing in the GALLIFREY Area of TOPCON which is a Sponsored section of the Convention where Fans will be able to locate all things DOCTOR WHO.

Eric wants to assure TOPCON Fans that, “though the RED DALEK may shout “EXTERMINATE” they will not have to “OBEY” because it’s disintegrating ray has been disabled.” he says with a wink.

For more information about the RED DALEK, the TARDIS and TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 please visit

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