Unusual weather pattern

Colder air moving up from the south and warmth spreading south over the Plains. Not your typical weather pattern, that’s for sure. However, the wavy jetstream pattern that is setting up over the next week will give way to some unusual movements of weather systems.

First, a storm system located over Mexico on Tuesday will gradually move northward into the western Gulf of Mexico before finally moving north toward the Missouri/Kansas border by midday Friday. This should bring a chance for some showers for the eastern counties and more cloud cover by the end of the week. This pattern also favors cooler air coming with the clouds up from the south.




Beyond that comes a fairly noticeable round of warmth by early next week. That’s certainly not unusual for March, but it is somewhat odd in the path it takes to arrive in Kansas. Rather than spreading directly east from the warmer deserts of the western U.S., it will first spread across the Northern Plains, then the warmer air will spread south over Kansas. Finally, a more typical cold front will drop south out of Canada and usher in cooler March weather next week.The maps below show a generalized view of the warmer air spreading in, with yellow and orange colored areas being the warmest.

DMA Estimated Temperatures - Longer Term 850T

DMA Estimated Temperatures - Longer Term 850T2

DMA Estimated Temperatures - Longer Term 850T3

DMA Estimated Temperatures - Longer Term 850T4


So, not your typical weather pattern, by since when has March ever played by the rules?

– Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller

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