Group launches drive to recall Kansas Gov. Brownback

TOPEKA (KSNT) – After several months of a rumored effort, a group hoping to recall Kansas Governor Sam Brownback emerged from the shadows Wednesday night.

The meeting got off to a slow start. But by the end there was more than one hundred people gathered at the Topeka/Shawnee County Public Library to discuss the elements needed to recall the governor and to explore organizing the effort.

Many say the governor has failed to keep promises made during his re-election campaign in 2014, specifically promise to continue income tax cuts and maintaining school funding levels. One woman said she was angry at the governor’s budget cuts to special needs programs.

Others say they’re unhappy with what they call his extremely conservative political agenda, so they’re now exploring what it takes to recall him.

“And I hope that it unifies Kansans and breaks down the party lines,” says organizer Jo Cheray “and we form a non-partisan effort to show Brownback that we mean business.”

Those attending the meeting came from several surrounding counties.

No Kansas Governor has ever been recalled and the rules are pretty tough.

State law requires specific grounds for a recall, including a conviction or felony – proof of misconduct in office, incompetence or a failure to perform the duties of the office as prescribed by state law.

The recall, which is written into the state constitution, also cannot be filed in the first 120 days of the governor’s term or in the last 200 days, roughly seven months, of the term.

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