Kansas voters worry state leaders aren’t listening

TOPEKA (KSNT) — More than 100 angry Kansans stormed the Statehouse Wednesday, upset that lawmakers aren’t listening to their concerns.

Now they’re saying ‘enough is enough.’

Some of the activists say they’d like to see big changes in the state’s leadership.

“Who’s House? Our House! Who’s House? Our House!”

That chant filled the statehouse Wednesday, letting every state leader and lawmaker within earshot know voter’s voices matter, and right now many of those voters are not happy.

“I’m fed up with not focusing on the actual issue at hand, and instead taking time, wasting time hurting other people,” said Priscilla Orta-Wenner, a concerned citizen from Wichita.

The activists say well heeled lobbyists focus on helping the wealthiest in the state…

“This is a situation where money talks, Citizen’s United is right there underlying everything. Money is free speech, and we’ve got to stop that,” said Linda Neville, a concerned citizen from Overland Park.

They’re demanding more time and effort from legislators on the issues they think really matter.

“Focus on what matters! A $650-million deficit, education, farmers! That is far more important than randomly picking a group to pick on this week,” said Orta-Wenner.

Some lawmakers admit they feel the same way.

“I get frustrated just like the people do when I see colleagues ignoring what I know to be a ground swell of comment from the public,” said Rep. Melissa Rooker, (R) of Fairway.

But there’s only so much individuals like Rooker can do alone.

At the end of the day, these activists say, they’d like to see other Kansans step-up and fight for the issues they believe will create the best future for everyone in the state.

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