Kansas State SAE Chapter says they are not racist despite OU chant

MANHATTAN (KSNT) — The Kansas State Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has become the center of attention in the outrage over racist chants at a university of Oklahoma fraternity.

“Since I have been here I haven’t experienced any of that and I think if I would have, it would have made me feel uncomfortable and I would have left a long time ago,” said Daniel Vasquez, K-State SAE Member.

What Daniel is referring to is this racial chant sung by members from the sigma alpha epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma.

“You can hang em’ from a tree, but it will never start with me. There will never be a n***r SAE,” chant sung by members of the University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter.

The now infamous video has gone viral, creating a national outcry. The fraternity’s chapters across the nation have been trying to deal with the incident all week.

“I was walking by a group of kids and one of them stuck their foot out, kicked me and called me a racist,” said Eli Camp, K-State SAE Member

Eli Camp was assaulted Tuesday morning on campus simply for wearing his chapter’s letters on a t-shirt. He says he’s not a racist – nor are his fellow members.

About a third of sigma alpha epsilon members here at K-State University’s campus are minorities and they say have never heard that song here at their chapter or sung at their university.”

Kansas state university’s student government president, Reagan Kays posted on the university’s website…

“We have heard that some on our campus have approached members of the local chapter and made disparaging remarks. This is not reflective of k-state values… Please do not judge our fellow students based on the actions of others.”

The members of the K-State chapter say they will continue to wear their Greek letters with pride.

“It’s going to take something more than that to tear us apart from each other. We love each other and this is what brotherhood is all about,” said Gabriel Caldes, K-State SAE Member.

Eli says he does not plan on filing charges on the individual who assaulted him – if campus police can identify the person.

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