Experimental Alzheimer’s drug showing promise

(NBC News) The Alzheimer’s community is buzzing about an experimental drug which is showing great promise in early research.

Doctors say the drug, called Aducanumab, may benefit millions in the earliest stages of the disease.

The drug works to seek and destroy a protein called amyloid that builds up in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

It’s a little like bad cholesterol that builds up in arteries, leading to heart disease.

In the small study from drug maker Biogen, the drug reduced amyloid build-up.

It also slowed memory loss in people just starting to show symptoms.

Side effects included headaches, and some had a form of brain swelling at higher doses of the drug.

Experts in the Alzheimer’s field are optimistic about the findings, but urge caution.

Biogen will move its drug to much larger phase three clinical trials: the final stage before submitting data to the food and drug administration.

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