Shockers dominate the “Turnpike Tangle” against the KU Jayhawks

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Not everyone, of course was able to make the trip to Omaha – so they watched the game from home – or from a favorite restaurant or sports bar.

It was battle fans are calling “who’s the best in the state”. The north versus the south.

“Rock chalk Jayhawk go, KU.”

In the first time in 22-years the Wichita State Shockers “battle the boards” against the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

“It’s amazing. It needed to happen for several years because k-u is afraid of playing Wichita state in my opinion,” said Michael “Chip” Morris, Shockers fan.

“We are fearless Jayhawks,” said Paula Clantoo, Jayhawk fans.

“That’s right/ we’re going to rock the shock,” said Gerry Stonestreet, Jayhawk fans.

In the end the shockers becoming victorious in this “Turnpike Tangle”. The last time the shockers made a sweet-sixteen appearance was in 2013.

The shockers will go on the face the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame in the sweet-sixteen.

“They are going to take out Notre Dame. They will and they need a rematch against Kentucky,” said Morris.

Despite the loss, Grady Johnson say he will continue to “rock chalk” on.

“They have been my favorite teams since day one,” said Johnson.

There were some not so happy faces at the end of this showdown, but the shockers have proven that they are the “turnpike” champions.

This will be the Shockers 6th sweet-sixteen appearance in the men’s NAAC tournament.












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