How Avian Flu Virus may affect your grocery shopping

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – When the news of the Avian Flu Virus first broke, many were concerned if people could be infected, “This one is nothing to fear,” says Scott Beyer, Kansas State University Extension Poultry Specialist. After finding out this strand can’t be transmitted to humans, the next concern is will it impact food, “You won’t catch avian flu from eating poultry or meat or egg products.”

Something that countries which import American poultry don’t want to risk. As a precautionary measure they’ve stopped importing meats from the US. Which means, “The amount of birds that are being exported, since it was a big part of our market place now have to be sold domestically.” says Beyer. In turn you will see a lot more poultry priced for a lot less. But that price drop doesn’t only affect poultry sales, “That means the competing meats like pork, beef, they also see the flood of that meat on the market place and when those prices drop, it becomes more competitive for them, too,” says Beyer.

But the main thing officials want you to know is, “You’ve got to remember this is one that doesn’t transfer to people, it’s one that doesn’t hurt the water fowl and if you bring it back and what we’re asking is to make sure you cook the product, should never be a problem. But we’re also asking you to make sure you don’t bring your dog or yourself anywhere around birds because there is a potential to transfer into a poultry facility,” says Beyer.

Officials say even though the virus is not dangerous to people, if you see a large flock of birds in a small body of water or in a large field, to just stay clear.

For more information on Avian Flu Virus CLICK HERE.

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