Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback booed at WSU-KU Game

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Fans are still raving about the Shocker, Jayhawk matchup in NCAA tournament.

Only fans from both teams won’t just be remembering a game that took more than two decades to happen, but also how Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was not greeted with a warm welcome.

“Personally I thought it was the shining moment of the game,” Brett Guthrie said.

As CBS camera crews zoomed in on Brownback sitting at the game next to his wife, fans could be heard booing the Governor.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Camrin English said.

Not only fans at the game were showing their displeasure with the Governor. Shortly after the booing, fans took to social media to give their thoughts.

And the comments, were not exactly nice. On fan tweeted,“Best part of the game? Brownback getting booed national television.”

“I think the governor knows it’s not personal, and so he is doing the best job he can for Kansas,” Eileen Hawley, Communications Director for Governor Brownback said.

Hawley even sounded off on her personal twitter saying, “What ever happened to civility,” “I think there’s a little bit of loss of civility in conversation in general,” she said.

While Hawley admits people have the freedom to express themselves, this situation could have been handled differently.

“You do need to respect the office, and there’s a way to do that and there’s a way to ask the tough questions and there’s away to have your opinion and still be respectful of the office,” Hawley said.

We want to hear what you think of Governor Brownback being booed at the game. You can do that by going to our homepage and casting your vote on our poll.

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