Prepping Manhattans’ north corridor for growth

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The City of Manhattan and K-State hosted a stakeholder meeting as we speak to discuss development of the K-State North Campus Corridor Master Plan. It’s one of the busiest streets in Manhattan and has the potential to get even busier.

It’s called the north campus corridor, a stretch of Kimball Avenue where Kansas State University and the City of Manhattan meet. “We wanted to make sure that we were working together to have an integrative cohesive approach,” says Ruth Dyer, Sr. Vice Provost Academic Affairs.

Integrating all the traffic from the university’s athletics and agriculture programs- student housing and new businesses coming into the area. It’s all part of the north campus corridor. “We’re obviously interested in what infrastructure improvements from the city we need to make and plan for to accommodates that growth,” says Jason Hilger, Deputy City Manager.

Some ideas have already been developed for things like:

  • Land use and infrastructure
  • Circulation, transit and parking
  • Access points and street sections for Kimball Avenue
  • Along with signage

They’re problems that impact not just k-state, but the city in general. “A number of opportunities for growth, development, jobs, infrastructure and we just want to be at the table” says Hilger.

Officials said the meeting was about presenting concepts for north Manhattan and then hear feed back from the community. To see a map of the North Campus Corridor CLICK HERE.


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