Second bald eagle hatches after snowy wait

HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – There are now two hatchlings in the bald eagle nest at Codorus State Park.

The second baby eagle came Wednesday morning, a day after the first egg hatched in the nest near Lake Marburg,

One of the adult birds could be seen feeding the hatchlings in a live-streaming video on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website.

Bald eagle eggs typically hatch over several days, and age and size differences among hatchlings often gives the first hatchling a head start and a competitive advantage at feeding time, according to a post on the game agency’s website. A large, healthy eaglet might kill a smaller, weaker one or out-compete it for food.

Faithful followers of the live stream can expect the eaglets to develop most of their feathers by three to four weeks, walk in the nest at six to seven weeks, and begin to fly at about three months.

Young eagles separate from their parents in autumn.

The live stream has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers since it went live in December, particularly during a snowstorm when one of adults allowed itself to be buried in falling snow so that the eggs could remain warm and dry.

The live-streaming camera can be found on the Game Commission’s website,

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