KSU students angry over broken safety beacons

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – “It makes me feel like I have to take it into my own hands a little bit more,” says Samantha Grove a junior at K-State and her friend Lucas Berndt say they’ve always felt safe on the K-State campus “I mean I feel pretty safe on campus,” says Berndt.

Partly because 40 blue-light emergency phones are scattered across campus and both know if they ran into trouble, they could quickly get to a phone for help. But now the university admits nearly a quarter of the phones don’t work.

“Just to know that, that’s out there for us and it’s not working, I mean it just doesn’t really make sense,” Tiyana Hall a KSU junior.

“I mean what if it’s the one that you need that is down,” says Grove.

And Valeria Guizado a senior at K-State said “If I’m put in a situation where I need safety or I need to press a button for help and it doesn’t work that is very, very unsafe.”

The university tells us the phones aren’t working because various construction projects on campus have disrupted the power and phone lines. Students say that’s not good enough.

“Our school agreeing to put all those up is also agreeing to keep them all functional and so it’s kind of scary,” says Grove. “I mean that’s the whole point of having them there is that there for the student’s safety and if they aren’t operational then it kind of makes them redundant,” says Berndt.

Until their fixed, the non-working poles have been wrapped in plastic to make them more easily seen by students. The university has not released how long these emergency poles will be out of service but they are directing students to use the “LIVESAFE” app.

The non-functioning are at the following locations:

  • West Stadium
  • West of parking lot D1 at West Stadium
  • Center of parking lot D1 at West Stadium
  • East of Weber Hall in parking lot B3
  • East of Weber Hall in parking lot B2
  • Parking lot D2 near Kramer and Goodnow halls
  • Alumni Center
  • East of the president’s house

In addition, the emergency phone box on the fourth floor of the parking garage is temporarily not working.

To see where all the emergency phones are located on campus CLICK HERE.

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