Meet the faces behind the KSNT Storm Track Weather Team Chasers

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Wednesday’s tornadoes in Oklahoma reminds us that we are one step closer to severe weather season here in Kansas.

The KSNT Storm Track Weather Team, does their best to warn you when severe weather is near.

With several tornadoes hitting Oklahoma, many of the twisters were caught on camera by storm chasers.

KSNT Storm Track Weather has its own group of chasers. Spotting and chasing the storms that happen right here in Northeast Kansas.

“The adrenaline rush you get when you are standing next to one of the most powerful things on the earth, it just makes you step back and think wow,” said Dillon Killoren, a KSNT Storm Track Chaser.

It’s a dangerous job, but the KSNT Storm Track Chasers don’t mind doing it.

“We chase because we’ve had a passion for it since we were toddlers, and while we are out there we try and help the people,” said Justin Hoyts, a KSNT Storm Track Chaser.

This tag team started chasing with each other a couple of years ago.

“I wanted to find the chase partner,” said Killoren.

It’s safer to chase tornadoes in teams, because close calls can happen.

“Last year in the El Reno, tornado was the largest tornado on record. I got a little too close,” said Hoyt.

But the biggest storm these twister chasers have experienced was in Bennington, Kansas.

“It was so large and so big, had it moved into a city, which it was very close to it would have done a lot damage,” said Steve Polley, a KSNT Storm Track Chaser.

The KSNT Chasers say chasing storms is an adrenaline rush. It’s just them, their camera and the storm, but what really matters is the viewer.

“People come first more than the storms do,” said Hoyt.

“The enjoyment of it is completely secondary to what we are doing,” said Polley.





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