City of Topeka ready to launch Bike Share program

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The City of Topeka has come up with a new way to get residents moving.

It’s called the Topeka Metro Bike Share. Allowing residents to pedal around the city without having to buy their own bike.

It’s a new craze that is popular in big cities, from Chicago, L.A. and in Kansas City to name a few. Now it has made its way to the capitol city.

“It’s been done all over the world in the next few decades,” said Karl Fundenberger, director of bicycle operations at Topeka Metro Bikes.

Fundenberger says, these new city bikes came just in time for the spring season.

Especially with the city’s new Bikeway Master Plan, and its goal to fix Topeka sidewalks, the city is encouraging its residents to get active.

“It’s perfect timing. Bike Share really depends on good access for bikes all around the city and good access for walkers,” said Fundenberger.

These bikes are meant to mimic your childhood bicycles. Coming equipped with a lot of features, including its vibrant red color, front basket, GPS and bell.

Ten bike stations will be located around the metropolitan area for quick and easy access.

“Four of those are going to be at Washburn (University) and a membership is $25 and that is an annual membership,” said Fundenberger.

Students at Washburn are already talking about riding them.

“I think I would definitely use it,” said Samuel Juarez, a Washburn University student. “It would be a faster way to get across campus.”

“I think it is a really good idea because it will get people more active and get to class faster,” said David Salach, a Washburn University student.

The city is hoping to get its residents and students riding these bikes soon.

This bikes will launch on April 15th at Washburn University.




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