Riley County Police on high alert for increased car thefts

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – A recent increase in car thefts, has riley count law enforcement worried. They want to make sure people are taking the proper steps to protect themselves and their vehicles.

Mathew Droge of the RCPD says, “Car thefts are uncharacteristic for Riley County.” And yet in a two week period, there have been 15 incidents of cars and trucks being stolen or broken into. “The increase in car thefts that we’ve seen within the last month or so is higher than we would normally would be seeing,” says Droge.

The majority of the incidents have involved trucks, it’s widespread across the city, and the police have very few clues to go on. But in addition to the cars and trucks being stolen, the chief problem has been items left in plain sight, in unlocked vehicles. “90% of vehicle burglary in Riley County the victim’s vehicle was unsecured in some way,” says Droge.

Law enforcement says there are simple steps that you can take to prevent this from happening, such as taking all valuables out of your car, making sure your windows are rolled up, and of course locking your car.

Riley county police are putting additional resources into combating the problem, but they also say the first defense is making sure you take the steps to protect yourself.

RCPD encourages anyone with information on these thefts to contact the department directly or remain anonymous by contacting the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers.

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