Kansas family desperate to find son’s killer

CARBONDALE (KSNT)-   Seven months have passed, and a Carbondale Family still has no answers about their son’s killer.

“This is the worst feeling a parent could possibly have,” Eric Kemble, TJ’s dad said, as he was forced to bury his son at 20-years-old. “They said there had been an accident, and so I asked him, I said is he okay? He said you need to sit down Mr. Kemble, I knew right then it was over.”

TJ Kemble was killed while walking along US 56 highway just outside of his hometown of Carbondale, “Officers responded and determined that Mr. Kemble had been struck by a car,” Sheriff Laurie Dunn, Osage County said.

It was a car that never turned around, although another driver did call 911 when they saw someone walking along the highway, seconds later TJ was hit, “Something like that and you don’t think it’s real,” Rylan Piper, TJ’s friend said.

But it is real, and for friend like Piper, all he has left of TJ are the memories, “Kind of the class clown back in school made a lot of jokes, athlete loved anything that had to do with sports.”

As his parents just try to hold on, “For all the good that he did, all the kindness that he showed for others, and we just try to keep him alive in our memories,” Barb Kemble, TJ’s mom said.

Knowing someone out there, knows what happened, “Think of it in reverse, if that was your family member that had been hit, maybe even purely by accident then you would want closure you would want to know what happened,” Dunn said.

It’s about closure, to parents who will never see their son again, “Please help us,” Eric Kemble said.

Anyone with information are asked to call Osage County Crimestoppers at 1-877-OSCRIME or the Osage County Sheriff’s Office at 785-828-3121. Sheriff Laurie Dunn says callers can remain anonymous as long as they provide enough information for law enforcement to investigate.

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