Riley County Police investigating vehicle thefts and burglaries

MANHATTAN (KSNT)Police in Riley County are urging community members to lock and secure doors and windows on unattended vehicles after statistics suggest that 90 percent of all vehicle burglaries in Riley County involved a vehicle which was unsecured in some fashion. RCPD issued this reminder on Tuesday following a string of vehicle thefts, criminal damage, and burglary cases over the weekend.

“Locking and securing your vehicle and removing valuable items is important. The community can help reduce our crime rate even further just by locking up.” -Public Information Officer Matthew Droge with the Riley County Police Department.

In a two-day period between April 4th and 5th officers filed eight reports for crimes related to motor vehicle theft, vehicle burglary, and criminal damage to property. This comes approximately one week after RCPD issued a press release outlining seven additional reports. Currently all vehicles that were reported stolen have been recovered except for one.

Law enforcement at the time of this release still considered a grey 2005 VW Beetle stolen and currently missing. RCPD encourages anyone with information on this vehicle or these crimes to contact the department directly or remain anonymous by contacting the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers.

“This string of crime is absolutely uncharacteristic of our community and we have resources devoted to finding a solution and holding those responsible for these crimes accountable. You know, one thing that is often overlooked is the fact that members of this department are a part of the community as well. We are all in this together and our interest in keeping our community safe isn’t just a job to us.” – Director of the Riley County Police Department, Brad Schoen.

Due to the potential for revictimization, police have not released victim information for the most recent set of vehicle theft, criminal damage to property, and vehicle burglary crimes.

To assist with these investigations by offering information contact the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers at 785-539-7777 or visit them online at

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