Go Fund Me fundraiser closed down

TOPEKA (KSNT) – An update now to a story we’ve been following all week about a Go Fund Me site set up for a young mother who lost her infant daughter in a horrible car crash.

The fundraiser has been taken off line.

KSNT News is investigating the fund raiser and the people behind it.  We’ve spoken to the people who have collected the money as well as Bree Emery’s family.  Emery is the young mother who crashed into oncoming traffic on highway 24 Monday. The crash killed her one month old daughter and sent Bree and another child to the hospital.  The driver of the other car was also treated for injuries.

Emery’s mother tells KSNT News that she is aware of the Go Fund Me site. The family has asked that the fund raiser be taken off line.

Kelli David and Gene Wheeler said they started the site to raise money for Bree’s medical bills. They shut down the site at the family’s request after getting more than 13 thousand dollars in donations.  They say they’ll transfer all of that money to Bree’s family.

KSNT News will follow up to make sure they do.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says Bree Emery may have been distracted on her cell phone at the time of the crash.

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