2nd person charged in plot to bomb Ft. Riley

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A second Topeka man was charged late Friday in connection with a plot to detonate a bomb at Ft. Riley,Kansas.

The arrest of Alexander E. Blair, a 28-year old Topeka man, came several hours after John T. Booker, Jr was arrested Friday morning while attempting to detonate an inert home-made bomb in Junction City.

Blair, according to the Justice Department, became aware of Booker’s plot in March, loaned money to Booker so he could rent a storage unit to store components, knew of Booker’s intent to “kill as many soldiers as possible.” and failed to report the plot to authorities.

Earlier in the day U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom announced Booker’s arrest on charges of making a weapon of mass destruction, intending to destroy federal facilities at Ft. Riley and of providing material support to Islamic terrorists, specifically ISIL.

Booker made an appearance in federal district  court in Topeka Friday afternoon, was given a public defender and has another court appearance scheduled for April 20th.

If convicted, Blair faces a maximum of three years in federal prison.

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