Ft. Riley community reacts to bomb plot

RILEY (KSNT) – You can never tell how close to home it’s gonna ever happen,” says Matthew Franzeen. That’s the general feeling among those we spoke with following the news of the terror plot outside Fort Riley.

To the casual eye, it was business as usual at the post. Cars coming and going without any apparent problem.

In reality the facility was on high alert as the plot was revealed.

In a statement, authorities say the arrest at no time posed a danger to military personnel or to the public. And they say partnerships with state and a federal agencies helped ensure the safety and security of all soldiers and our big red one family…”

And the safety of those who live and work here was what was on the minds of those who live near and work at Fort Riley.

“You worry about em when their deployed or when their training, you have that fear in the back of your mind, but you don’t have it when you kiss em goodbye on a Tuesday morning to go to work,” says Lisa Nuyen.

Others say incidents like this is why those living near the base always need to be alert.

“USA underestimated this enemy and you know for years now and now it’s actually knocking on our door steps,” says Allan Guatemala.

Others were just glad things turned out the way they did.

“I am glad that we do have the soldiers around here that are ready to stand up and protect the area if need be,” says Franzeen.

Meanwhile, Fort Riley remains on a status of high security alert, and is expected to for several days to come.

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