Terror suspect vocal about plans on social media

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The indictment of John T. Booker Jr. was prompted by a series of online posts beginning more than a year ago. Booker posted openly on Facebook last march,”I am going to wage jihad in hopes that I die.”

“I’m surprised, and yet I wasn’t surprised. Honestly this is something I could see him doing,” says former classmate, Mikayla Gentine.

Booker wasn’t shy about his life focus. Messages across multiple social media platforms were clear- he was ready to die.

“What I remember of him is that he was very vocal about his beliefs,” says Gentine.

In a Facebook post he tells friends, “I will soon be leaving you forever.”

In a YouTube video, he said, ‘I want to be a matryr.”

And Gentine says it started in high school.

“He never got aggressive about his beliefs. However he did get kind of pushy about them. They were kind of off the wall, something that you could easily expect extremists to say,” says Gentine.

In an alleged propaganda video, he announced he was, “Getting ready to be killed in jihad is a HUGE adrenaline rush. NOT because I am scared to die, but because I am EAGER to meet my lord.”

Also, in that alleged video, Booker urges Americans to get their loved ones out of the military. He warns, “The Islamic state is coming for them.”

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