Pushing the Limit: Can semi-truck tires handle high speeds?

TOPEKA (KSNT) — It’s been three years since the state raised the speed limit to 75 on certain highways, but now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that speed might not be safe for certain tires on semi-trucks.

“Well I know some of them go faster than 75 when I’m going 75, so that concerns me,” said driver Chris Stone.

KSNT found many drivers like stone tend to agree, when big trucks reach speeds above 75 they get a little nervous.

“I think safety is a definite issue,” said Stone.

But most of the truckers we found at a rest stop on I-70, say speed is not the problem.

“What we want is the road to be safe just like you guys do. That’s it,” said truck driver George Davis.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says speed is the issue, at least when it comes to tires like this that have been re-treaded.

That’s why they’d like to install electronic speed monitors in every truck and potentially make states like Kansas modify high speed limits.

“It’s over-regulating, it’s really over-regulating,” said Davis.

Troy Johnson has been driving a truck for more than 20 years. He says even with re-treaded tires there’s other factors to consider.

“In my opinion it’s the age of the tire, the air pressure that’s in the tire, it’s not the speed that’s causing the problem,” said Johnson.

He believes as long as all truck drivers inspect their rigs and check tire pressure every morning, like federal law requires, it shouldn’t even be an issue.

“We worry about that tire hitting another car with kids because we have families too, so the last thing we want to be careless about is our tires,” said Davis.

Many other truck drivers KSNT spoke with said their companies already cap speeds at 60 or 65 miles an hour to save on gas.

Right now, the Kansas Department of Transportation tells us they haven’t been asked to make any changes to highway speed limits.

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