Kansas Board of Education considers new funding plan

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Those who manage the state’s public education system began trying to figure out how to make the new “block grant” funding plan work. Governor Sam Brownback signed it into law a few weeks ago.

Jeremy McGinnis is a soccer coach and a new father. The new block funding plan for education in Kansas not only has him worried for his players and daughters future. But leaves him confused, “Why, that can’t be the first thing, that can’t be the first thing you pick, there’s got to be another solution.” The idea of taking funding from schools, worries him for two reasons.

The perception of devaluing education and resources in the classroom and the impact to may have to extracurricular activities that he says are what helps coaches like him build students character. “I think it’s important that they play these sports and if they don’t get to then it’s going to take away from that, it’s going to take away from their character and take away from them becoming a full rounded person.”

Which is exactly what educators are trying to avoid, *not cutting the extracurricular activities. Superintendents from around the state were at the Kansas state board of education meeting, as members of the board were briefed on the changes.

“We’re looking at technology and wondering if we’re going to have to delay refreshing technology. It’s all those things that support what happens in the classroom that we have to examine,” Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Kansas City KS Public Schools

The governor, who pushed for the plan, says the block grants gives schools predictable funding through the 2016-17 school years.

USD 364 Superintendent Bill Mullin, is not convinced, he has already cut seven classified employees in February and next year, “I’ll have four less teachers in my district next year that I have this year.”

Still a lot of confusion over a plan the state still hasn’t figured out how to implement.

This block grant program will be in place for the next two years, until a more permanent solution can be found.

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