Washburn Univ. Fraternity suspended after vulgar, explicit text messages

(KSNT Photo/Brian Dulle)

TOPEKA (KSNT) — A Washburn University fraternity is under fire Thursday night after images of sexually explicit text messages between members surfaced.

The house has been suspended and the university is considering further sanctions.

I would just like to apologize to everyone,” said Jake Gregg, Phi Delta Theta Kansa Beta Chapter president.

Jake Gregg the President of Phi Delta Theta is apologizing for the actions of his fellow members.

“The individuals who did the text messaging need to come out and apologize. I don’t think having there president apologize is enough,” said Kathryn Nelson, Washburn student.

The phi delta theta fraternity at Washburn University suspended and is under investigation by its national chapter after a series of what’s been called vulgar, sexually related text messages were discovered.

I don’t think that anyone in our fraternity honestly feels in a way that would reflect the things that were said in those messages,” said Gregg.

“They were disgusting a matter of fact, they were intolerably disgusting,” said Jerry Farley, President of Washburn University.

The school has already banned the members of the fraternity from any school activities, and originally was going to shut the house down Friday afternoon.

“We were contemplating perhaps moving all of the fraternity members out of the fraternity house, there has been an appeal of that,” said Farley.

Farley tells KSNT News the university’s full investigation could take a couple of months to complete.

But if any members are found guilty of violating Washburn’s code of conduct they could be expelled.

A separate probe being done by the fraternity’s national leadership.


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