Babysitting rates on the rise

(CNN) – Are you going out this weekend? How much do you pay your babysitter? Watching kids is becoming big business across the country.

A night out on the town is getting more expensive, a new survey by Urbansitter found the cost of babysitters is on the rise.

Hourly rates for babysitters range from about $11 to nearly $20 per hour. The site surveyed 10,000 families about their in-home childcare costs.

The priciest spots are San Francisco and New York. Denver was the least expensive of the nine cities surveyed.

Urbansitter Ceo Lynn Perkins say one reason for rising costs is that parents are increasingly using college kids rather than high school students for child care. Perkins says the most interesting statistic to hear was the top perk listed for hiring a sitter- getting to finish an adult conversation.

It seems the grown up time is worth the money. One-third of parents say they do date nights once a week.

About half of the parents offer food in the fridge and 40-percent tip but only 16-percent offer a ride home.


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