Tennessee teen faces terrorism charges for threatening schools in four states

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A teen has been charged in connection to making electronic threats at several schools in the Nashville area.

The teen, who police say is a Nashville alternative school student, was taken into custody Thursday night and is charged with terrorism.

He appeared in federal court Friday. Officials told News 2 it is rare for a juvenile to go through the federal system.

“I want all young people to understand that if you make these types of threats towards schools, you are going to be federally and locally charged,” Tony Majors with Metro Schools said.

In addition to Tennessee, police said the teen is also suspected in originating multiple emails and telephone calls threatening violence to schools in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

According to authorities, 10 email messages threatening school violence towards Metro schools have been received since March 16, including Thursday’s at Antioch High School, which forced the school to dismiss students early.

Police have not released specific information on the content of the threats, but police Captain Mike Alexander said during a news conference Friday afternoon he hopes schools and students are at ease with the teen’s arrest.

“Obviously we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring this type of situation to a close,” he said.

News 2 spoke with parents at Antioch High School who said Thursday’s situation was terrifying.

“As a parent it’s real scary because [it’s] looking like your kids are not safe [anywhere]. For someone to actually do that, it really hard, even for parents to send their kids to school,” mother Dabiola DesJardins said.

Parent Mariah Fayne added, “They don’t think about students families, they don’t think about other people’s feelings, they don’t think about anyone’s safety, I think it’s very selfish.”

The investigation is ongoing.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the investigation.

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