Dying father gets last dance

LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) A Missouri man is calling this part of his life his “bonus round.”

He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and doesn’t know how much longer he has left but with help from a non-profit group, he and his family recently had a night to remember.

Some days last longer than others. For sisters Maren and Zoe this is one that will likely last forever.

“We’re doing this for my dad.”

Dad, is 42 year old Charlie Kwentus.

“I think anybody who knows Charlie would say that he’s kind and patient.” Said wife Courtney Beers

He’s also the type that lives for today without worrying about tomorrow. Not that he was given the choice.

“I can remember exactly where I was sitting and then just all of a sudden the weight of the world felt on our shoulders.”

Charlie was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma, a brain tumor. After years of surgeries, scans and sickness, he recently stopped all treatment.

“And I just decided and my family backed me on it that it was time to quit. You know, quality versus quantity.” Said Charlie

“I feel like we’re building a bank of memories that will last a lifetime. That have to last a lifetime.” Said Courtney

But when the girls started realizing that their dad probably wouldn’t be around for graduations, proms or weddings, a non-profit called Annie’s Hope” stepped in.

Annie’s Hope is an organization that’s trying to help kids heal.” Said Executive Director Becky Byrne

Annie’s Hope has counseled countless grieving children and they came up with a plan to give the girls a page for the scrapbook of their memories.

“I won’t be able to walk them down the aisle but I will get this.”

After putting on the glitz at the salon, the girls came home to put on some new dresses and with dad in his tuxedo, they all climbed into a shiny black limo.

Then on to the grounds of the famed Westborough Country Club awaiting them, a delicious dinner with privacy and then something with poignancy. Their very own, father-daughter dance.

“It’s overwhelming, it’s like pinch me, I’m in a dream.”

And then a moment that proves there’s nothing bigger than a dad’s love for his little girls.

Doctors can’t make Charlie Kwentus’ tumor disappear but for one night it did.

“We always talk about keeping me in their hearts. I am going to live on in their hearts.”

A night never to be forgotten for a family that wants to always remember.


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