Kansas Supreme Court rejects 2nd state appeal over school funding lawsuit

TOPEKA (KSNT) – For the second time in as many months the Kansas State Supreme Court has rejected a state request to move a school funding lawsuit out of the district court and into the state’s highest court.

In a ruling late Thursday in the “Gannon” lawsuit, the court said the case will remain at the district court level.

The state has been appealing the ruling of a three-judge district court panel’s ruling that the State of Kansas has dramatically under funded public education.

The panel ruled in December that the state must boost its annual spending on public schools by at least $548 million.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt had asked the panel to reconsider, but it refused on March 11. Schmidt notified the panel that he would appeal and now that appeal has been rejected, with Chief Justice Lawton R. Nuss stating “(t)he district court has jurisdiction to resolve all pending post-trial matters…”

The lower-court panel still is considering whether the state distributes its aid fairly among districts and has set a May 7th hearing date.

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