KSU: Why women are waiting longer to have kids

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The number of women in the United States who don’t have children, is at an all-time high. The US Census Bureau says nearly half of women between the ages of 15 and 44 are childless. This time of year you find lots of students looking forward to graduation, starting their careers and paying off loads of student debt. So are they thinking about starting a family?

“I think you should take it into consideration but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor,” Kristen Doberer, KSU Junior.

“I’m not going to have only one or two children, I mean I could be poor living in a box but me and my six kids are gonna beg for money,” says Zack Hughes, KSU senior.

These dramatically different answers are where Lora Adair comes in. She’s been looking at economics and birth rates around the world, from the US to Japan. She found people making good money are inclined to wait to have children, while those with less money are more likely to have lots of children early on, unless, “When I told them that the economy was changing for the worst, there was this economic downturn, they postponed and said that they would have fewer kids,” says Adair.

Which leaves the question, are those mixed emotions on whether to have kids going to impact our economy. Some economists say without a stable birth rate some social programs, like social security could be in danger. Not enough new workers to pay into the system.

Adair says we’re not at that point, yet, “as it is right now, fertility rates are low but heir not below replacement.

Adair adds the challenge now is finding out why those who are less economically secure continue to have larger families.

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