College bake sale money goes to help Kansas budget deficit

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A group of University of Kansas students went to the Kansas Statehouse Wednesday to hand over a check to help with the state budget deficit.

The group spoke with Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly and State Representative Stephanie Clayton about the state’s deficit.

The group of students are known as “The Future Majority“, a student political interest group. Last month the group held a bake sale on KU’s campus to raise money towards the budget shortfall.

The University Daily Kansan says the group’s focus was on how the shortfall would affect education.

Last month state officials said they are projecting Kansas will collect $187 million less in taxes through June 2016 than they earlier anticipated, and nearly $200 million more by 2017.

The state will be about $400 million short by the end of the 2017 fiscal year unless budget cuts are made or taxes are raised.

The group tells the University Daily Kansan the group identifies as a nonpartisan. They say the purpose of “Future Majority” is to raise awareness in state and local politics and to get students engaged with politics.

The group ended up handing their check over to the Office of Governor Sam Brownback. KSNT News will have more details and reaction tonight on KSNT News at 5 and 6.



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