College students give Kansas Governor a contribution for state deficit

TOPEKA (KSNT) — As state lawmakers continue working to close the state’s $400-million deficit, a few college students are stepping in to help, with a bake sale.

The KU student group “The Future Majority” tells KSNT News they sold ‘cookies for Kansas’ on April 21 in response to recent cuts to education funding.

“We didn’t actually think we were going to raise 600 million dollars with this bake sale,” said Clay Cosby, organizer of the bake sale.

In fact they didn’t even come close, they only raised $7.25, but Cosby says it isn’t so much about the money, just the message.

“People will see this and they’ll engage with the issue, they’ll engage with the huge deficit that we have and maybe more people will be aware of it, maybe more people will understand the depth of it,” said Cosby.

With check in hand, made out to the State of Kansas for the full $17.25, Cosby took that message to the statehouse Wednesday.

He walked around looking for lawmakers, and spoke with a few about the growing deficit and its impact on students. He even provided some with, what he calls, a ‘Saving Kansas Starter Kit’ of cookies.

“Can I sell these and maybe get some extra money?” asked Rep. Stephanie Clayton, (R) of Overland Park.

Some lawmakers say they’re glad to see young voters taking an interest, and even more important, acting.

“It really does affect them, because for every dollar of State General Fund money that we pull out of supporting our institutions, those kids are going to feel it in their own pocketbooks with the increases of tuition,” said Sen. Laura Kelly, (D) of Topeka.

Cosby finally ended his journey at the Governor’s Office. He didn’t get to see Governor Sam Brownback, but he was able to drop off the check.

KSNT News is told that check will be sent to the State Department of Revenue and deposited into the general fund.

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