Manhattan prepares for more severe weather

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The City of Manhattan is still picking up the pieces of Mondays storm. While getting ready for the next round of heavy rain. The amount of rain that hit Manhattan was a surprise for all

“As far as the rain fall and the time frame that it came, was probably one of the more sever rain storms we’ve had here,” says Jeff Walters, Public Works Superintendent.

City workers spent hours repairing streets and cleaning up left over debris. Terry Busse has worked for the City of Manhattan for almost 20 years and his partner Greg Whitt, 30 years. So when it comes to knowing how to do deal with flooding and how to prevent it, they are well versed. “If you have storm drains on your property or in front place, don’t park your cars on them don’t pile trees limbs on them,” Busse.

Terry says this happens a lot and it causes drains to become clogged. And that could be the difference between a flooded basement or car or a dry one. The city says they’ll do their best to prevent more flooding. “Clean up, clean out the storm drains so the next rain it can get into the intakes and flow out,” says Busse.

Manhattan received 4 to 5 inches on Monday and is expected to receive several more rounds of storms in the next few days.

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