Grey skies got you feeling blue? The research behind it

TOPEKA (KSNT) – “Weather can always bring you up or bring you down.”

According to some researchers, spring showers and grey skies are doing little to cheer you up.

“We are beings that are really searching out a day to day experience that’s fulfilling, which includes socializing, burning off energy, being active, and weather can impact that and can hamper that for sure,” says clinical social worker, Steve Obdyke.

Meaning that a lack of sunlight, can actually put a damper on your day.

“When days are shorter, weather’s colder, again, that tends to affect us,” says Obdyke.

And some of it is behavioral.

“We might’ve planned to go to the park or go for a walk, but instead, we shut in or we cancel plans. And that can affect, social connectivity, isolation, loneliness,” says Obdyke.

But while days like today may get you down, there are some things you can do to make up for the lack of sun and get out of a slump before it potentially becomes long-term.

The first is to turn on some extra lights if you’re indoors.

The second is to get moving.
“We need to be active and not give in to the temptation sometimes to say ‘Eh, it doesn’t look beautiful outside, I’m going to curl underneath a blanket and either snooze on the couch or read a book.’ Some of that’s great, but we don’t want to create a habit of behavior that way,” says Obdyke.

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