Kansas renters say Sunflower State is a great place to live

SAN FRANCISCO (KSNT) – It seems a strong majority of Kansans renters are completely satisfied with the cities and towns they live in. A new survey released by Apartment List today shows that overall, Kansas cities got an A- for being a great place to live.

According to Apartment List, an online rental marketplace, more than 18,000 renters nationwide participated in their first ever Renter Confidence Survey. The company claims it is the largest survey focused soley on renters in the United States. Andrew Tam is the Vice President of Data Science for Apartment List. He says that 36% of Americans rent and move nearly five times as often as homeowners.

The survey evaluated a variety of metrics, including confidence in the local economy, safety and low crime rates, and access to recreational opportunities such as parks, community activities and nightlife. Renter were asked things like, “How likely are you to recommend your current city or neighborhood to a friend or family member?” and “Do you feel that your local economy is on the right track?”

“Creating an environment that is attractive to renters is more important now than ever, and Kansas is doing a good job,” Tam said.

The Sunflower State ranked 10th among all 50 U.S. states as the best place for people to rent. Neighboring Oklahoma ranked in the top 5 with an A. Nebraska only received a B+ and Missouri did much worse with a C. However, the lowest rated states were Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, and South Carolina. The states renters were most happy in included Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, and Colorado.

During a time the state is faced with a significant budget deficit, the Kansas economy actually scored fairly well with a B+. That’s slightly higher than the average nationwide. Twenty-seven percent of Kansas renters gave the economy high marks compared to 25% nationwide. As state legislators work to balance the budget by considering raising taxes, it’s interesting to note that only 41% of Kansas respondents say they’re satisfied with local tax rates. That resulted in a B in that category.

The highest grade Kansas was given was an A+, and that was for commute. Eighty percent of renters said they were satisfied with the travel time to work or school. It was actually the highest percentage among all 50 states in the study.

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