Soldier who saved people from fiery crash: ‘I’m not Captain America’

(WNCN) – An Army captain from Southern Pines is getting worldwide attention after cellphone video shows him rescuing people from a fiery car crash in Chatham County.

The crashed happened Sunday afternoon on O’Kelly Chapel Road near Highway 751.

Capt. Steve Voglezon saved two people before first responders arrived to help rescue a third person.

WNCN broke the story, and the video has been seen all over national television.

“I’m not Captain America. I’m just a guy in the Army. I’m a soldier who was there at the right time,” said Voglezon.

That accident might have been fatal had it not been for Voglezon.

A recent report from a DC research firm claims North Carolina’s rural roads are the 14th deadliest in the country. A nonprofit called “Trip” says congress should spend more money on improvements to make the roads safer.

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